A Multichannel Performance-Based Demand Side Platform for Digital Agencies

    Use Our Proprietary Enterprise Level Technologies with Zero Ad-Spend Markup

Multi-Channel Platform Built for Agencies from the Ground Up

  • No ad-spend markup...ever
  • Performance-based deals only
  • True real-time InMarket targeting capability
  • People-based identity resolution
  • Proprietary insight targeting technology
  • Machine learning conversion optimization

Proprietary Insight Targeting Technology

The Machine Learning technology behind ClickCertain has changed my agency business overnight. GIL ORTEGA Chief Rainmaker

Multichannel Approach

The ClickCertain Platform was built around a true multichannel approach, allowing you to break free from walled gardens and the limits they impose.


Thanks to people-based identity resolution technologies, your online and offline campaigns perform as one seamless whole.

Machine Learning Conversion Optimization

Our AI Machine Learning technologies utilize closed-loop analysis to automatically optimize campaigns for conversion.

A Suite of Tools Built for Digital Agencies

InMarket Custom targeting

ClickCertain allows you to target prospects whose behavior says they’re looking to buy. Because you’re targeting actual behavior, there’s virtually no waste. As a result, you’re able to achieve much better returns on ad spend through higher CTR, lower CPC and a lower CPA for your clients.

Conversion Attribution Online & Off

With ClickCertain your agency will have true people-based, multi-channel marketing ability, allowing you to run one campaign across multiple platforms and devices, online and off, with full conversion attribution across online and offline campaigns.

People-Based Identity Resolution

ClickCertain is able to convert between 25-50% of your client’s website traffic to a permanent record. This means you have much greater control over those prospects and can market to them for as long as you like across multiple ad platforms and devices.

  1. InMarket Custom Targeting
  2. Conversion Attribution Online & Off
  3. People-Based Identity Resolution

What Makes ClickCertain Different?

ClickCertain lives and dies by its ability to convert. The ClickCertain Demand Side Platform has been designed from the ground up to help grow your digital agency. Our proprietary  insight targeting technology spots InMarket consumers through advanced real-time behavior tracking that takes into account factors such as URL-level navigation, keyword searches, content consumption and social media behavior.

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When married with our identity resolution and AI machine learning technology, we’re able to spot consumers actively pursuing a purchase of any product, any service, B2B or B2C, in real time.