Sell Retargeting & Data Driven Traffic To Clients…

Without Huge Investment or Risk

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Add New Profit Center in $3.4B Marketplace

With access to ClickCertain Agency Edition software we'll help you start profiting in the $3.4 Billion RTB Display marketplace. By having the power of push button precision targeted traffic under your companies control you'll be able to:

  • Offer the #1 request 50 million companies crave - consistent quality website traffic
  • Never fear search engine updates again while leveraging, enhancing and locking in all current SEO work
  • Attract more profitable clients by differentiating your company from competitors
  • Make Content & Social Marketing efforts 10X’s more powerful
  • Stop competitors from poaching your clients by offering these services first
  • ...and a whole lot more

Sell Push Button Precision Traffic With Our 7 Targeting Methods

You'll have turn-key access to the most comprehensive targeting tools available. These are the exact same targeting methods large agencies use on behalf of the top companies in the world. Target based on search history, social, content, geographic location, 3rd party data and much more -- all at your fingertips.

And of course you'll want to remarket to all your clients website visitors with ClickCertain Agency retargeting (including Facebook) to continue getting the clients message in front of their best prospects for pennies on the dollar.

Enterprise Grade Tools to Help You Manage Your Business

Our platform has been designed from the ground up with growing your business in mind. We provide the tools required by Agencies and Marketing Firms of all sizes.

From a "Private Label" interface, retargeting pixels and client reporting dashboards to Enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO) and available API access, ClickCertain offers all the tools you need to keep both your CIO and CMO smiling.

What our customers say about us:

The detail of the content you deliver is totally awesome! The opportunity you are providing thru the ClickCertain platform and your training is by far the most lucrative cutting-edge opportunity I have seen in the last 25 years.

I have been a 100% commissioned salesman my entire career and I am very excited about the next few years.

Thank You,

Mark Nelson

I've been watching the videos in the Knowledgebase and getting on as many calls as I can, and I have say 'thank you' for the best sales training I've ever experienced. Your delivery is awesome and makes the pretty complicated product and salesmanship subjects a pleasure to learn. I look forward to the journey with you and your team at ClickCertain.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Shelton Oliver


Enjoying the hell out of your training. I love your 'take no crap' attitude. Looking forward to making a bunch of money for both of us.

Best Regards,

Sherm Ttevens

There is sooooo much great information in your Knowledge Base... YES, I will be renewing my membership in Click Certain.

Please tell Tommy, he is the BEST TRAINER & MARKETER, I have had the privilege of hearing and learning from. I wish our paths would have crossed along time before now.

Thanks for your help and direction.

Dr Gene

Been planning to get a testimonial to you for a while... well here it is. Please feel free to use it in any of your promotional material as you see fi

Thanks Tommy for your commitment to training us so well so that we can be successful with RTB. I learn from each webinar and look forward to profiting from your knowledge and training.

All the best,

Barry Mullaney


Just wanted to thank you for your direction on framing. I had to go to a meeting today at an auto dealership and it was about reputation management.

If I did not hear your presentation on framing I know I would have steered off course and try and sell them RTB. So thank you once again it was a great help and hope I can get RTB mastered.


I wanted to give you a big shout out in the form of a testimonial for introducing me to Click Certain.

Your software is exactly the value I needed to bring to the table in order to best serve the clientele that I have been dreaming of.

Your training is setting the bar very high for anyone who wants to compete with you in this arena, and I am making it a mandatory training for all my sales staff.

Thank you for your innovation and dedication to those who are under your protection!

Take care,

Rob Hermann

P.s. If you would like a video testimonial, I would be happy to provide one.

Rob Hermann

I just had to write and say, "Thank you" once again for this opportunity.

I trust you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Mary Sloan

I just wanted to share a couple thoughts with you.

I just want to thank you for your training and all the time you spend with us. I'm not sure how many people take the time to tell you, but I just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated in my life.

So I just wanted to let you know that you, (although unknowingly) gave me a good kick in the ass. I am now refocused and really enjoy the training and look forward to this journey of mastery.

So once again, thanks,

Tom Kozlowski

RTB is a massive growing industry and the ClickCertain software allows us access into this marketplace. However, since this is a young technology (and new for our company), the training and support from ClickCertain were the keys to our success. Not only do they train on how to use the software, but also strategies on how to utilize the software to capitalize on the RTB market and maximize the overall effectiveness of our campaigns. They have their finger on the pulse of this industry and deliver the relevant info to us. When we do have a question, their support department quickly and efficiently follows up and gets us the answer. We have worked with a lot of software companies over the years, and ClickCertain delivers world class training and support that is allowing us to jump ahead of our competition.


It's been a week now since I bought the Click Certain Program.  I've attended all of the daily training webinars and have spent considerable time in the well documented and easy to navigate Knowledge Base.

Wow! What a great set of tools, training and more importantly, mentorship and support that Tommy and the ClickCertain team provide.

Thank you ClickCertain. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship together.

James K., Seal Beach, CA

I only signed up for your RTB platform but somehow got access to your seriously sublime business coaching.

I hang on every friggin' word of the live calls and then put the recordings on the next morning.   Your webinar was content-rich and I appreciate that, but your training is just world class. I have had maybe a dozen ah-ha moments that explain why my own business has always been about unrealized potential.

And to think I almost didn't signup for your webinar!  I'm so truly grateful I kept that little appointment with destiny.  Thanks man!

Don N.

The webinars are not the product of a super slick salesman. The training material is presented in a down to earth manner. Since all the webinars are recorded you can review them at your leisure.

Claud W.,  Tawakoni, Texas


Met with the largest car dealers in my area today. Didn't even do a presentation on RTB but just mentioned it. They were doing retargeting and search targeting a while back and dropped it because they didn't "feel" they were getting a return but they put it back in the budget for 2014 ($3k/mo). That's just for one of their 2 large dealerships.



Hi Tommy,

The webinars are extremely eye-opening and helpful to the layman to understand what RTB is all about. If you ever wanted to be on the leading edge of the next BIG thing, this is it Thanks,

Marcus C.

I look forward to working with everyone at ClickCertain ….I get how BIG this opportunity is. I am working with a few small clients that we will pilot on ClickCertain-your platform appears to be a perfect matchI look forward to the ride-should be a blast.

Mike N.

Awesome platform!

I knew after listening to you for about 10 minutes I was all in. I have been looking for something like this for a long time that would allow me to do what I do best and that’s sell and consult, funnels, etc.

Mike Maunu - Monterey, California

I’ve listened to, and watched 4 - 5 of your training webinars so far and I find the content and coaching to be excellent.

It's top notch and better than most, if not all, of the rest of the webinars I've watched and listened to, and I've been on quite a few.

Onofrio F., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I was invited to a ClickCertain webinar by two guys I trust and respect.  I was impressed by the information I received on that webinar and decided to invest in the RTB service.  I am now going through the training webinars, both live and recorded.

Tommy knows his business and he knows marketing. As I listen to him, more and more I see that he practices what he preaches in his training. He doesn't just talk about how to use frames, he uses them on us, and they are indeed powerful!

I look forward to the change that acting on this new knowledge will make in my life and business and in the lives and businesses of those to whom I grant the privilege of being my client.  

Scott J., Ridgeland, Mississippi

I can highly recommend the ClickCertain webinars to anyone who is interested in the RTB opportunity. They are the most informative and interesting webinars I have seen, most businesses I have talked to about RTB are clueless about it's existence. They become very excited when you explain, how it can be leveraged to drive highly profitable sales leads for their goods and services.

Now is the best time to become involved in this industry, while it is in it's infancy .

Steve B., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Tommy, I don't even know everything about this service but I've sold 4 companies already on using me for it.  So have I hitched my wagon to ClickCertain????  YES!!!

Roger H., Eagle, ID

ClickCertain and the entire support team are a true class act, delivering on their promises, and answering customer supports requests promptly and succinctly. Every one of Tom’s trainings that I have participated in are laser guided, hitting the bulls-eye about what really matters, so you can get more profitable sales leads and strategically grow your business.

Greg L., Las Vegas, Nevada

I am willing to place a wager that I am probably your only customer that lives in Ecuador?!

What I like about your webinars is that it is both informative and entertaining. I love the no non-sense approach and straight to the point colorful dialogue that teaches me exactly what I need to know to be successful with this model.

Your teaching comes from a place of sharing that shows you want the audience to be successful So thanks for the generosity and keep it coming!

David D., Cuenca, Ecuador

First of all CONGRATULATIONS for AWESOME webinars. I'd like to THANK YOU Tommy, Eric, Joanne and all your staff for the hard work and for the valuable training and information you provide. Value for the present but most important for the future.

Remus H.

The training on conversion was fantastic, a mind expander for sure. I am sure that was the tip of the iceberg. I have learned more in the past two weeks about certain aspects of marketing then I learned in 6 months elsewhere

Did not realized I was going to marketing college I am excited about the opportunity presented.

David H.

As always,you guys did an incredibly Awesome job on the webinar as you do on all your webinars, Keep up the good work guys!


I was on Tom’s Click Certain overview webinar because Syd had recommended it. So I was open to listening just long enough to determine if there might be a fit and contribution to my business strategy… 

I'm in the process of looking under the hood now. And based upon the first week of training... I’m looking forward to sharing and deploying CC’s value proposition among my corporate colleagues and beyond..

Greg N., Ojai , California

Your training is clear, comprehensive, meaningful and for me, able to be readily implemented.

I keenly look forward to continuously learning and internalizing the webinar trainings that you give so that I can master them and make you, me and our clients a truckload.

It's easy when you know how so bring it on.

Warmest and most appreciative regards

George P., Lancing, United Kingdom

I think your training is some of the best in-depth training I have ever purchased online.

My intent is to master the RTB software as I think it is a perfect fit for ALL the other services I will be offering to my clients.  

Thanks for all you have done and are doing with ClickCertain.

Charles F.,  Fort Worth, TX

We have all sat and listened to webinars in which we would rather stab our eyes out with rusty folks than to see one more slide.

Tommy's stuff is far, far, far from this sleep-inducing diatribe. You will learn, laugh, love and linger on his every word, technique, training tip and sales tactic.

If you have EVER wanted an ace in your pocket or something that gets/keeps you ahead of the competition, Tommy and the ClickCertain Team will deliver this in spades.

Michelle D.

The whole RTB concept is really blowing me right out of my chair.  

What I have really been hung up for, for a long time, is my value proposition - which you so eloquently elaborate on.  I have not had a strong value proposition - let alone any appeal or exclusivity.  ClickCertain nails it.

Paul E

Just wanted to send a quick note to express my feelings on your training. I have been on more training calls than I care to admit, searching for the one thing that I can believe in and be passionate about ….. I have found that with RTB

I am absorbing every word

Bonnie C

Your conversion training today was very, very long – longer than my tiny little bladder could handle.

I can think of little, if anything, that I could have done during that 165 minutes which could have delivered more value in terms of subject understanding and also in terms of deepening my belief that pursuit of mastery of this area is, and will be, well worth the effort. I'm 'in'.

Duncan B.

Thanks for this opportunity. I was not aware of the technology and the enormous opportunity available in this market. I have attended 90% of your webinars and there are a couple of things that strike me:

I am very impressed with the technology, the web based platform simplicity and am looking forward to centering my agency business around this service

I hope that you will continue providing the VALUE that you already have and as you keep mentioning, that providing VALUE is the number 1 factor in any business success.

Roy S., Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Training was great for me. I picked up on a lot of great sales tips for me. After years of being behind the computer screen my biggest challenge is continuing to learn to sell properly and close deals.

I am getting very excited and slightly obsessed with RTB marketing and banner design so I am looking forward to starting and continuing my education.


Patrick Scully

Hey guys... I just wanted to shoot you over a quick message to say "Thank You!".

The training you guys provide is the best I've ever seen. When I heard there was training, I had no idea there would be literally 1-2 hour full blown instructional videos that detailed every setting, the thinking behind it and the ways to monetize it. I was expecting quick 5-minute nothings that left a lot to figure out via trial and error.

I had a vague understanding of how RTB worked and that I could run a campaign or two on it and just keep doing everything else the old school way with direct ad buying etc. My eyes have been opened and I now have visions of using this entirely and I honestly think it's possible with audiences and retargeting. This is something pretty special here and I am honored to be on board.

Chris Thompson - Limitless Enterprises Marketing Concepts, Inc.

Very informative and great VALUE.

Scott Borhauer, CEO

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for introducing me to the world of Real Time Bidding.

I came along with the usual reservations on the first webinar of being pitched on the next greatest Bright Shiny Object. But instead it was brilliant, entertaining, informative and most importantly relevant to bring my marketing business to the next level.

 You have gained a new partner and look forward to a long-term relationship.

Shawn Pecore., Toronto, Ontario

When I first saw one of your webinars, I was completely blown away of what the implications were for an entire industry.

I've been pushing Reputation Marketing, Local Buzz Marketing and SEO and studying PPC as an add on to my local internet marketing business and have been targeting primarily car dealerships.  When I first saw your webinar on RTB, I knew that what you provided is what many businesses need to market their business

Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your passion.

Daniel Y.

Confused, Intimidated or New To RTB? Here’s How We Will Help You

RTB, DSP, 3rd Party Cookies, Programmatic Buying... We know this industry is full of confusing alphabet-soup acronyms and jargon -- we're out to fix that.

Our system has been designed from the ground up to simplify the real-time internet advertising experience. ClickCertain Agency is easy to use and transparent, while still giving you all the power tools you need to serve your clients. To make sure you get your campaign off on the right foot, we host daily live 30 minute software trainings. In addition we also run a daily "Sales Meeting" which is designed to assist you and your sales staff in selling RTB to your clients. Have your sales staff send in objections from their presentations and we'll answer them live on the call (tough questions encouraged! :-). We also make continuing education a core part of what we do with our weekly live training webinars. Come to as many of our trainings as you'd like. Our Knowledge Base is packed full with a Video Library covering all aspects of RTB Best Practices, conversion strategies, lead generation techniques, and more.

Still have questions? We're ready to help with genuine customer support (backed with real humans!).