Sell Your Clients Retargeting & Data Driven Traffic

Learn how to add new profit center $3.4B RTB Marketplace

RTB: Micro Targeted Traffic

The speed of technology has surpassed companies capacity to keep up...especially in the advertising industry. Right now, as we speak, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft, along with 20 additional ad exchanges, are selling traffic inventory through an auction process called RTB: Real Time Bidding. Never heard of it? Don’t feel're not alone.

Imagine looking into a crowd of 100,000 people and instantly being able to spot your ideal prospects. Then be able to craft a message that is relevant, important and urgent with them and then only show that message to just those prospects.

That technology exists...and is being used by the best and brightest marketers. it’s called Real Time Bidding

Here is just a taste of what we cover in our webinar:

  • How RTB works and how to leverage RTB to add a new profit center in your business
  • Profile and ONLY target your clients Ideal Prospect Profile - leverage data supplied by the likes of Experien, Nielsen, Mastercard, Equifax and 20 other world class data companies...just like the Fortune 500 does.
  • Stop wasting ad spend by using cutting edge technology that gives you 100% transparency over every penny in your marketing real time.
  • Permanently give your clients Competitive Advantage on their industry rivals by using RTB’s hidden power: Max Bid….while mitigating, minimizing and where HUMANLY possible - eliminating all RISK.
  • How to stop competitors from coming in and poaching your clients...unless you want the fox in your hen house.
  • Why RTB is nothing more than a media buying approach that is already taken over Display, Mobile and Video and is making major inroads into adding TV, radio and eventually print.
  • How Exponential Growth works and why advertising will never go back to the way it was...ever.
  • How to produce PROFITABLE Sales Leads for any companies products or services...anywhere in the world.
  • How Retargeting is just the tip of the iceberg and how it allows your clients to Own and control traffic...and be permanently dependant on you to do it.
  • How RTB makes all your marketing efforts 10 - 50 x’s more powerful...instantly.
  • Put REPETITION to work breaking down and gaining acceptance of your clients Value a side benefit RTB creates massive branding and word of mouth.
  • How to make your Social and Content Marketing efforts explode with RTB

I know the thought of taking 30 minutes out of your busy day is not your first choice but every company’s survival comes down to making sales and sales will only be as good as the quality of the leads you generate. That applies to your company, your clients and all of the 22,900,000 companies in the US that are not currently using RTB.

Learning from experts who use the best RTB tactics and cutting edge technology is worth it...I’m sure your competition would agree.